Jei dar nesuplanavot savaitgalio, kviečiu važiuoti iki Baltijos komiksų sostine tampačios Rygos.
David Schilter vėl organizuoja parodą ir šį kartą tarptaurinę, plačiau apie tai jųjų spaudos pranešime:

In February 2009 the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art together with the Comics Magazine kuš! organizes the first International Comics Artists exhibition in Latvia. 11 artists or artist collectives from Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland as well as 3 artists from Latvia will introduce the Latvian public into comics art beyond the mainstream which has flourished in Europe during the last decades, but is still widely unknown in the Baltics.

The exhibition will showcase artworks from Atak, Anke Feuchtenberger, Moki (Germany), Florent Rupert & Jerome Mulot (France), Nicolas Robel (Switzerland), Matti Halgelberg, Katja Tukiainen, Tommi Musturi (Finnland), Kolbeinn Karlssonn (Sweden), the Lamelos (Netherlands), Stripburger crew – Matej de Cecco, Saša Kerkoš, Jakob Klemenčič, Marko Kociper, Matej Lavrenčič, Andrej Štular (Slovenia) and the Latvian artists Maija Kurševa, Anete Melece and Ingrīda Pičukāne.

Adapting to the exhibition format, artists have thought of non-traditional representation of comics such as installations, wall paintings, video cabins, projections, animated screenings and even a circus arena. Exhibition works will animate the public to see comics from another side and hopefully to want them to see more respectively to ask „TELL ME MORE…”.
The exhibition will take place in former cargo port of Riga which is now used for artistic and cultural activities. Exhibition is open from February 7th until the 8th of March 2009

The opening day of the exhibition, the 7th of February, will host workshops, artist-talks and Lamelos comics’ performance leading to the opening party
During the time of the exhibition a couple of side events will take place – screening of the animation movie „Afraid of the dark”, a special Latvian animation movie night as well as a screening of animations from the artists which take part in the exhibition or took part in kuš!.
The project is organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art ( in cooperation with the Comics Magazine kuš! (
Project support: AB.LV foundation, Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, Goethe Institue Riga, French Cultural Centre Riga, the Dutch Embassy in Riga, Nordic Culture Fund, Pro Helvetia, Jaunrīgas attīstības uzņēmums, Andrejsala, Radio NABA.

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